Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's old is new again

I haven't been on my blog in a long, long time. I found it recently and read many posts from my past. Things have really changed. The kids are older and much bigger. So am I, unfortunately. The triplets are 13 and in Middle School. My son is 9 and in Fourth grade.

I'm still working for the same company but am about to start in a new position. Very exciting. And I have started selling crochet items on Etsy and Craft Fairs.

I haven't figured out how to download pictures from my iPad, but I'll keep trying to figure it out.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you are still out there!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Juan's first date

We were at the water park last weekend and found a friend of Juan's from preschool. The two started playing together and holding hands. They even took turns pushing each other into the pool. They also shared a pretzel. Then Juan invited Sydney to dinner at our house. He told her I would make tacos. It was really cute. It is nice to know that my little boy is such a gentleman.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School

 We are waiting for the buses on our first day of school. Audi will be going to a different school from her sisters that is better equipped to handle her special needs.

 Gabby thinks the world is a gym.

My big Kindergartner! 

I am glad that Juan's second Mom will be close by in case he needs her.

My beautiful bambinos!

I was glad to have school begin so I could stop paying the high cost of full day care on 4 children. The kids were not as happy as I. The girls are entering 4th grade this year and Juan Kindergarten. I think it will be a great year for each of them. Audi is attending a different school. It will be better for her and hopefully she will be back with her sisters for middle school. Audi has done so much better since her hospitalization. She came home a different kid. I am so pleased because I thought she may need to live away from me and her siblings for every one's safety. I finally see hope for her future. Hope for a better life. Things are good.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This was us at the end of our vacation. I think we were all ready to come home. You will notice that Audi is missing from this photo. She did not get to go on the vacation because she was away from home learning to deal with her anger issues. 

This is me and my little guy. I love this picture.

This is Fort Mackenzie. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge. It is an indoor water park.

This is Fort Mackenzie during the BIG SPLASH.

Juan enjoyed the water slides too.

This place was pretty cool. It was decorated really neat and we got to dig for dino bones.

RUN Juan before you get eatin.

This is our great discovery.

Juan the explorer. Move over Dora.

Lunch at Wild Bill Hicocks (not sure of spelling)

We sat on a bull.

We hung out with wild creatures.

And I got a picture of Josie smiling.

Juan had a little cotton candy.

And Gabby had some ice cream.

On the way home from Kansas, KS we stopped in Independence to visit with the President. We got to see the Oval Office just as Harry Truman had it.

Where's the bleeping microwave! I'm so glad I didn't live in the 50's.

They had a replica of the Liberty Bell.

And this is Harry Truman's humble abode.

We had a great vacation. The water slides were the kids favorite part. I hope next year we can take another and bring Audi along. It just wasn't the same without her.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Happening

This is my bed. Do you see any room for me?
Not much to report. Same thing different day. We got the new cat/alien. We still have the three birds and a dwarf hamster. When winter ends we will be more active. We start Upwards Soccer next month.

Since Houdini is our first cat we are still learning the proper way to hold him.

I can't explain this.

Juan and Houdini

it is just as you see

Farmer Juan


Josie and Gabby

Pet Update

We have a new creature living in our house. Since the kids are allergic to animal fur/hair we got one without. He is a sweet little guy and I am having fun dressing him up.
This is our new cat Houdini.
Houdini had surgery and will not leave the stitches alone, hence the cone.

George lost one foot.
 George lost one foot when his foot got caught in a toy. He is doing good. He seems to have no problem getting around his cage with only one good foot.
He gets around okay.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Josie's School Program

Josie is in choir at her school. They did a Christmas Carol for their program. Josie had the part of a dancer. Later in the school year she will get to sing at Busch Stadium (or what ever it is called now), during a ball game.