Monday, April 28, 2008

My how they have grown!

Top left: Josie Top right: Audi Bottom: Gabby

Audi, Gabby & Josie

These are two of my favorite pictures of the girls. Can you tell who is who? It has been almost 6 years since Audi, Gabby & Josie were born. In many ways they are easier for me to handle, and in many ways they are harder for me to handle. I thought sleepless nights would never end, but they did. I thought potty training would not be possible, but it was. I thought they would always be babies, but they are not. The girls are in their last quarter of Kindergarten and will soon be First Graders! How did this happen? When did this happen? I wonder what will happen next? I try to enjoy each stage the girls go through because they only go through it once. I will probably think of their infancy as easy when they get to the teenage years.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

They're so cute.....when they're sleeping.

Here is Audi looking as sweet as can be. It is hard to believe the destruction this little angel can cause. She helped me clean on Saturday and it tuckered her out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flash Back to the 80's

Here is a picture of me and Lisa in 1980 something. Lisa came across this picture a month or so ago and sent it to me for a laugh. You can stop laughing now........... I hope Grandma didn't see us with those wine coolers. Of course, this would be the same Grandma who got me drunk on her homemade fruit cocktail. I ate like four bowls of it and did not know she used peach schnapps. I then got behind the wheel and had trouble driving. I wonder if a cop would take the excuse "my Grandma got me drunk without my knowledge". Okay, really, stop laughing now!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life is just fun & games!

I love cars, and I love my big boy bed! The crib is down. I was feeling empowered on Sunday and had waited a month for Chino to "not" take down the crib, so I did it myself. Well, Juan helped. He was very happy when I got out my tools. He took a screwdriver and put it wherever he saw me put one, usually at the same time as me. Chino did carry the crib parts to the basement which is a load off my bad back.

This is Juan's new old bike. Chino was driving down the road and saw this bike with a sign that said "free to a good home". So Chino brought it home, cleaned it up and bought a new battery. Juan is in love! You should see him drive it. He even figured out how to steer. I think he was born to ride.

This is what my children do when left unattended. At least they are not covering their faces.

We found a nice cage to keep Audi in.

We like to play at McDonald's.

The cage is just big enough for the three.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Juan

Juan turned 2 today! We had a little party for him at Dos Primos in Troy. We had lunch and I brought a milk-free cake. Juan loved it! I made a dark chocolate layer cake with white icing just in the middle. It was a giant OREO. Only one person figured that out. I thought I did a great job.

Audi, Gabby, Josie, and Logan are shown here eating cake. Juan sat with them during lunch like a big boy at the kids table.

Here are the adult guests. Grammy and Pa Pa, Great-Grammy and Lisa and Todd. Oh, and the Birthday Boy himself.

Juan started out neatly eating his cake with a fork.

The fork was not fast enough. This is a more efficient way to get a mouthful of cake!

Juan opened his gifts, and his sister's helped.

TRUCKS! That is all a two year old boy wants.

Trucks also serve other purposes as you can see.

This is my cousin Lisa and her husband Todd with their son Logan. You can view her blog spot using the link from mine.

Big News!

Gabby has lost her first tooth! Her tooth was really wriggly for several days and was kinda gross. I could not look at it without my stomach turning. Gabby wanted me to pull it out. I could not do it. It finally fell out on it's own a few days later. Josie found it on the table and asked Gabby if it was her tooth, Gabby then realized that the tooth was gone from her mouth. She called me at work so excited. The tooth fairy was generous, four shiny quarters and a note telling her how clean her tooth was. But Papi made the tooth fairy look cheap when he slapped Gabby a twenty. She bought 2 Rescue pets.

Saturday is now clean-up day. I spend the day yelling at the girls to clean and they spend the day avoiding me. Josie did enjoy sweeping and did a pretty good job. I will take all the help I can get.

Audi choose to sit in time-out rather than help clean.

Juan slept through the cleaning.

Juan has been sleeping with his trucks. I have to go dig them out of his bed at night after he is sleeping. I don't want him to roll on them. He carries the trucks around the house and has to be dressed while holding them.