Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I am a little late to post because we had a heck of a busy weekend. Friday the girls went to a birthday slumber party and me and Juan went to play with our friends Joy and Jon Jon. Me and Joy and Joy's friend Patty knitted while the kids tore up the playroom. Saturday me and Chino went to breakfast with Juan at our favorite place to eat, Waffle House. Then we rented a tiller and Chino tilled some spots in the yard while I went shopping. I finally went to get the girls around 12:30 (sorry Cammie). Then my parents came over for BBQ and my dad and Chino worked on leveling ground to set up the pool. Sunday Dad came back and he and Chino finished the pool set up and finally on Monday, the girls got to swim. Boy was it COLD. Not that they noticed. That is my weekend in a nut shell.
Juan, Gabby and Audi
Since the girls could not swim on Saturday, they settled for the sprinkler.

Gabby got water in her ear doing a cartwheel through the spraying water. And no she is not naked. Her suit is a light orange (a little too similar to her skin).

Noodle fight!
Dad and Chino hard at work.

Gabby on the swing.
Juan feeding Grammy.
Josie wearing Papi's boots.

Juan wearing Papi's boots.

The completed pool.
Juan ready to swim.
The Orca is the newest member of the family. Audi is afraid of him.

The floaty fun continued in-doors.

Too many cute pictures of Juany.

See what I mean!?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on Mother's Day

Here the kids pose with the flowers for Grammy. Josie is so pleased to be here.

Audi and Josie made me these pots in Girl Scouts. Good mother's day gift if I do say so myself.

This is the newest addition to our front porch. I told him to get rid of it!

PaPa filled water cans for the kids to muddy (water) the grass.

The girls tracked up the hill at my parents and then ran down. It was a lot of fun until Gabby wiped out at the bottom scraping her hand and knee on the rocks.
After a morning of cleaning I decided to take the kids out to lunch and then stop by my mothers to drop off her gift. Before I could leave Chino called and said he was on his way home and would be off the rest of the day. So he came home and brought me my gift. A back yard swing. Just what I wanted. (Some assembly required, not what I wanted) Then we ALL went to take mom and dad out to eat. We had a nice lunch and me and mom got mini cheese cakes from the restaurant free of charge just for being mothers! I know you are jealous. We went back to Mom's and the kids played. They watered everything, grass, weeds, rocks. We came home and I put the kids to bed and Chino went out to a dance. Because that is what married men with four children should do with their spare time. Right???

Happy Mother's Day

Believe it or not I got my Saturday. I thought option (A) was going to occur, but I got my day in spite of Chino's aggravation toward me. He took the kids for a hair cut and later to the mall. I did have to clean up the kitchen after he made the children breakfast. The girls gave me breakfast in bed. Cold eggs and toast, it was delicious. And then I had to watch the kids for about 2 hours while Chino mowed and trimmed the lawn. Other than that I was in bed watching TV and knitting. The house was not too much of a disaster.

Today, the real Mother's Day, I have mopped the kitchen floor, done two loads of laundry, cleaned 2 bathrooms and picked up wrappers and toys. I did get the girls to pick up their room. Oh, and I had to assemble some kinda tractor with trailer for Juan. My thumbs still hurt. But it is 11:30 a.m. now and I hope for some more peace. Just as soon as I finish changing my sheets. Two kids slept with me last night and one had an unexpected accident.

Happy Mother's Day to me and to the rest of you mothers out there!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It is Mother's Day again...oh yippy

Do you hear the excitement in my voice? Then you are hearing things. Please read below my post from last year about Mother's Day.

I propose that Mother's Day be abolished. Me and Joy were talking and decided that Mother's Day would not be any worse than any other day if we weren't expecting it to be different, better. Joy's husband went out a half hour before stores closed on Saturday night and got her a $50 gift certificate. Joy was disappointed because so little thought was put into her gift. He claims he was busy because he had to travel one day this week. He was off the plane at 8:30 p.m. Friday and went out to party with friends 'til 1:30 am. He is off every Tuesday. So I can see why he could not find any time to shop for a thoughtful gift.
My husband works on Mother's Day. You see, other people take their mothers out to eat on Mother's Day. So he has to work. He did come home for an hour or two and bring me some food. Then he took a nap before returning to work. I was home with the four unruly children all day. I stayed in my room most of the day knitting. I have payed heavily for that time. Every time I left my room I had some major disaster to clean up. Juan managed to spill bubbles, soda, and water on the floor. He also ground cookie into the kitchen floor and tore up tortilla in the living room. The girls made their share of messes also. Papers all over the living room. Snack wrappers on the floor. Syrup on the table. Juan smeared syrup all over his face and into his hair while I loaded the dish washer. The scariest part of the entire day is that this was not my worst Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day I was left home alone with three three week old babies and could barely get up and down from a painful C-section. So, I think I will skip Mother's Day next year.

So here we are again, another Mother's Day, again with expectation. Since Chino has to work I asked if I could have Saturday to myself. I told him I want to spend the day in my room knitting and watching TV BY MYSELF. He said he would take care of the children and take them out for a hair cut and stuff......IF.......nothing comes up. So I am taking a poll.

When will something come up? The choices are:

A - Chino will pick a fight to get out of taking care of his children and be gone all day but come home like nothing happened.

B - Chino will watch the children for an hour and then get an all too important phone call and have to leave.

C - Chino will watch the children until around noon before he gets his OUT.

D - Chino will watch the children until late afternoon and then unexpectedly have to go to work leaving me with a mess and four children hipped up on sugar.

Please vote within the comments and feel free to leave you own option also.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A word of warning.

So we had this slumber party with 10 seven year old girls. Two of the girls approached me and asked permission to tell a story about a little boy in their grade who recently lost his mother. I though that would be okay, give the girls a chance to think about someone in a sad situation. WRONG! This is the story they told.

The boy, we will call him Johnny, (son of John and Jane Doe) was riding in the car with his mother (driving) and father and grandmother. The dad stabbed the mom in the neck and blood squirt everywhere, the car wrecked and mom died. Grandma moved away with Johnny.

This is not what I was expecting to hear and do not know if there is any truth to to this story. Next time I will have the kids tell me the story before I allow them to tell a group of peers. I suggest you do the same.

Triple the Birthday fun!

We had a birthday bash at our house this weekend. The girls turned 7 on April 30. Saturday we had a slumber party. It was a blast, declared by all who attended as the best slumber party ever. (At least until the next one they attend) We had the Wii in the living room, movies and a little trampoline in the back room, junk food every where and make-up and nail polish. But I think they liked playing outside more than anything else. I ordered pizza and made an ice cream cake. (mud) We gave out goody bags and a little puppy for everyone. It was a puppy party after all.