Monday, September 10, 2007

Every night is a Pajama Party!

With three little girls who all share a room, every night is like a P.J. party. They run around playing when they should be settling down, they talk and play around after I tuck them into bed, and they come out of the room over and over and over and over... because she hit me, she kicked me, she pushed me, she won't let me sleep. Some times it is after 10 pm before they settle down to actual sleep. Then when morning comes nobody wants to get up. "I'm tired" is what I hear. Maybe if I put them to bed at 5 pm they will be asleep by 8:00. I think it is worth a try.

Josie, Audi, and Gabby. Isn't this a great picture!

We got new night gowns. They are size 5/6 and practically touch the ground.

Just another day in chaos.

Mmmmmm, Broccoli

Juan loves broccoli. Whoda thunk it? The boy goes crazy for it every time I make it. He ate about a cup of broccoli today. I can't wait to see the diaper tomorrow. Actually, I can wait!

I am keeping these photos as proof of his liking broccoli. I know in a year or so he will claim to hate it.