Sunday, November 4, 2007


Every Halloween we go trick-or-treating with Carly in Joy's neighborhood. We go in a large group with Joy's family. It is a great time. This year the girls were scared by two boys that jumped out at them. One was really scary. He pretended to be a mechanical scare crow and would jump out when you didn't expect him. You weren't sure if he was real or fake until he ran at you. It was a little to much for the girls. Audi scolded him for scaring her and he apologized.

Audi (pink princess) Carly (ghoul?) Josie (bride) Gabby (bride)

Juan is a puppy. He did great on Halloween. He stayed in his stroller!

This is at Aunt Cathy's annual Halloween party/hayride. We have so much fun going each year.

Olivia, Gabby & Josie

Audi (she looks so sweet and innocent; that was her real costume)