Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This and That

Guess who lost another tooth!? Gabby lost her sixth tooth at a slumber party this weekend.

Dad came over to mow the grass since Chino has been out of town.

I caught Josie with the camera!

Audi, isn't she sweet!?

Juan driving the train.

Two birds are better than one.

Meet George and Henry our new family pets. (These names are subject to change.)

Audi with birds.

Josie with birds.

Gabby and Henry

Juan and birds.
The kids are doing well handling the birds. The "boys" are a little skittish but forced handling will get them over it quick. They will be well loved.

King's Kids

The kid's bible study class sang for the church on Sunday. Even Juan performed.

They were a little nervous at first and stood stark still and barely moved their mouths.

Then they let loose and sang loud and did hand motions.

Audi is very theatrical. She has quite the stage presence.

I was so proud of them!