Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip to Springfield, IL

We went to see the Lincoln house. It was a very nice day. After our tour we went to the Tomb. We learned a lot about the Lincoln family and the times they lived in.

Audi, Carly, Gabby and Josie waiting patiently for our tour to begin.

McDonald lunch after the tour.

The nose of this bust has become discolored because people think it is good luck to touch it. Joy held up each of the kids to touch the nose and she jumped up to slap it herself. I could not reach and could not convince anyone to lift me.

Carly in front of President Lincoln's grave stone. He is buried 10 feet below encased in concrete. They want to make sure nobody steals his body, again.

The best part of the trip for the kids was swimming in the pool at the hotel. This is Audi.

Gabby floating on her back.

Carly teaching Josie to float.

On day two we went to the museum. The girls pose with life size wax figures of the Lincoln family.

The museum was split into three sections. This was the entrance to the area that held artifacts from Lincoln's early adulthood.

This entrance starts the tours of artifacts from the Lincoln's time in the White House.

We saw a cool movie teaching the importance of studying artifacts and the lives and times of people from the past. It included ghostly images. Audi got kinda scared.

These wax figures stood outside the entrance to the White House section. They were very life like.

They also had a kids room with toys similar to those played with during the time of Lincoln's children and this doll house replica of the Lincoln home in Springfield.

The girls dressed up in clothing of the time. (Sorta, we couldn't find a hoop to try on them.)

Josie posing and almost smiling.

There was a dress-up area, a table with toys and slates, a kitchen area and, of course, Lincoln logs.

The kids had a great mini vacation and I think they learned a little bit. They were spoiled with toys and candy and ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bonfire at our house

kids on swings

Rosita and China with baby Dominic
Jose driving the gator
Gabby doing flips
gathered around the fire pit
Audi, Josie and Gabby
Chino with his nephew
How many kids will fit in a gator?
Elvira and Juan, aren't they cute!
The kids loved playing outside in the dark. Elvira wondered off once when nobody was looking, but we found her. There were so many kids it was hard to keep track. I had planned on a simple hot dog roast with our children. Then my parents were invited. Then Mario and his family and then Chino's sister. It was a great time. My kids were so filthy at the end of the night. We have to do this again.

Our Soccer Team

We don't know how to play, but we sure look GOOD! I found these cute outfits at Walmart and they had one in each of the girl's favorite colors. What luck.


This is what you have missed.

While delivering Girl Scout cookies me and Audi went to our neighbor's house. They have a dog. Audi must have touched the dog and then her eye. The entire side of her face was swollen, her eye almost swollen shut. A little Benedryl and a breathing treatment and she was good as new!

Juan likes to sleep on the floor among junk.

Tic-tac-toe three in a row. Josie, Audi and Gabby

I'm not sure if that little bed can hold the weight of four children. Juan never sleeps in it anyway.

This is Juan's tail. One morning I was busy in the kitchen making lunches for the girls to take to school. Juan came into the kitchen fully dressed. He had dressed himself but was having trouble pulling up his pants. His full morning diaper was getting caught in the back and looked like a little tail. So being the kind hearted mother that I am I went for my camera and laughed at his tail. Then I changed his diaper.