Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Fun

We went to Great Skate on Sunday and even Juan got in on the action. He skated great. Most of the time he was in the middle of the rink alone. He did better without a hand to hold.

He also enjoyed pretending to drive.

Gabby did great skating also.

Juan got a lot of attention from people amazed at his skating ability and cuteness.

Audi did not skate. And that is fine by me. She would pull my back out if she fell holding my hand.

We sang at church Sunday morning. Can you see the excitement on our little faces? I was totally embarrassed. We ended up leaving early because all the kids were complaining about one thing or another.

Juan and Gabby with George and Henry.

Juan with the birdie boys.

Ahoy...are you ready for Halloween?

We got our costumes......Do you have the CANDY? We hit the Walmart and found the perfect outfits for Halloween. Aren't we cute!?
Juan pictured up top. duh
The girls left to right: Audi, Gabby and Josie

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sometimes we get along.

Here the girls are playing, together. Strange I know.

George and Henry

George and Henry again.

Josie performing at the Francis Howell Central football game.

Me and Juan had a great time watching the mascot and cheerleaders.

My Birthday Weekend

On the 29th we went for a nice lunch in Moscow Mills and then for homemade ice cream in Troy.

Audi got some on her.

Josie also.

Gabby choose a snow cone.

Juan too. He has a blue tongue.

Then we went to the Lock and Dam. We played at the park area.

And reluctantly posed for pictures.

Audi cooperates well for pictures.

We played a game call "find the gulf ball". I happened to see one and so told the kids I would give treasure box to whom ever found it. Gabby won. It was a dumb game but they wanted to play again. They brought the ball home with them.

We watched a barge get pushed through the dam.

On Sunday the 30th we went to the river. We caught tadpoles.

Went swimming.

And fishing.

Josie caught two fish. They both died a mysterious death.
Juan got mad at one point because I would not let him have his own bottle of water. He stripped down to nothing, he even took off his shoes and walked across the rocks bare footed crying. It is a good thing the beach was empty! We had a little drama but all in all it was a good weekend.