Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boschert Family Farm

We visited the Boschert Family Farm last weekend and boy did we have fun. We played in swimming pools full of dry corn. We fed farm animals. We swang on horse shaped tire swings. We bought pumpkins. We went on a hayride. We ate hot dogs. And we attempted a corn maze. There were two mazes. One was shaped like a cow and was suppose to take 15 minutes. The other was shaped like a train and expected to take 2 hours. We opted for the fifteen minute maze because we have four young children with short attention spans. We spent the fifteen minutes going in circles in the smaller maze then exited where we came in. It was a good thing we did not attempt the large maze because we would probably still be there.

All the kids enjoyed the corn pools. They did have trouble building corn castles though.

There were cows, goats, and pigs to pet and feed. (There was no fee for feed. Wow!)

These swings were really cute and there were exactly three. This place was made for us!

Juan loved the hayride. He sat for the entire thing and never tried to jump off the wagon.

After a long hard day the kids were pulled by wagon to the truck. A good time was had by all.

We love the back yard!

If you ever come to our house and nobody answers the door, please check the back yard before deciding that we are not home. We love the back yard! Even when it snows we go out to play. Yes, you will find empty juice boxes and snack wrappers littered on the ground and buckets of mud mixtures under trees and general mess and disorder, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying outdoor play.

Gabby swinging without me pushing her.

Elvira is Chino's sister China's daughter. They come over every now and again. Juan doesn't like to share his toys with her.

Juan the future mechanic. Juan loves tools and equipment. The noisier the better.

Don't ask because I don't know. Only Audi knows.

My kids are very physically active and able. Juan holds on to the rings and swings himself. He also will lift his legs and try to flip over. He loves for me to pull his legs over his head while he holds the rings. I, of course, have to hold his body when doing this because he will let go of the rings as soon as he is upside down. Juan also climbs anything that stands still. This is normal for me because the girls are just the same. Gabby did flips on the rings by herself when only 3 years old. The three climb all over this swing set and do flips and acrobatic moves from one end to the other. With all their physical ability, Audi is still not able (or willing) to swing without being pushed. Today I was pushing her on the swing and did an under dog. I somehow pulled her off the swing during said under dog and scrapped both knees. Bad Mommy!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fun and Games

This photo is titled "Cooperation". Jonathan and Juan shared this little cozy coupe as best as two spoiled little boys possible could. Jonathan is my friend Joy's little boy. Isn't he cute!

"Boy in Bucket" What is in the bucket you ask? MUD (of course)

Result of boy in bucket. Boy covered in mud.

Same boy covered in same mud.

The girls were having some kind of relay races. They took turns waving the flag and the other two ran a race to some point in the yard and back. I wish I had their energy.

A Different kind of Zoo

We visited this interesting animal reserve. All the animals were behind fencing and within an enclosure. We could feed the deer, llama or goats some cups of grain. The zoo was in a wooded area with dirt paths leading to each animal. We saw a huge bear, wolves, puma, otters, camel, bob cats and many other wild animals. There were peacock and strange hairy chickens running around free on the grounds. The girls found many feathers that they annoyed us with on the long car ride home. Juan put his hand in poo of some kind that he found on a bench. Everyone enjoyed the visit.

North American Bison
J T with cute cat
Sika Deer
Girls petting Llamas
Reindeer are kept here until Santa needs them on Christmas Eve!

Did I mention they had a pool?

Miniature Donkey
Patagonian Cavy (ever hear of these things?) They look like jack-a-loop without antlers.

I don't know what this is because I could not find a sign. But it is upside down and I thought it was cute.

North American Alligator

More Vacation Fun

Mom, Gabby, Josie, Audi and Dad

We went to visit this light house but never made it inside. I seemed to be the only one willing to pay the $6 fee for a tour and a spectacular view. So I was out voted. Instead we walked around the light house and I took pictures and we played on the beach with the "Frankie's" (sea gulls).

The girls took off for the beach.
J T wasn't far behind.
Chino and Juan
Mackinac Bridge as seen from beach. The beach was almost under the bridge. It was a beautiful spot to spend some time playing.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mackinaw or Mackinac?

We took a ferry to the island to spend the day. It was a beautiful day. We got lots of exercise, ate a terrible lunch, and saw spectacular sights. Best of all the kids were so tired that they fell right asleep at bed time.
It was a little chilly that morning so we sat inside the ferry boat for the trip to the island. We sat up top for the return trip and boy was it windy! Before leaving the hotel that morning Audi told me that she hoped there was a swimming pool on the boat. I had to explain to her that it was a 20 minute ride not a cruise ship. She was a little disappointed.

View of island from ferry boat.

Before touring the Fort Josie tethered her little brother for safe keeping.

Josie, Audi & Gabby The girls were not real impressed with the fort. They said "don't make us go into any more houses!".

Still at the fort.

This was a beautiful stop we made on a carriage ride on the island. Dad was almost kicked off the carriage for talking. Some people found it distracting from the quiet scenery.

Juan enjoying the carriage ride with Papi.

There are no motor vehicle allowed on the island. Everyone gets around by horse or bike.

This is a TAXI like I have never seen.

We stopped to feed the Frankie's. The girls named the sea gulls "Frankie". All of them.

Pa Pa's Childhood Home

Our first stop on our Michigan vacation was to my dad's childhood home. He wanted pictures of the grand kids sitting on the steps as he has pictures of me and my brother on these same steps. I was the same age as the girls when I last visited Michigan and sat on these steps. The home has changed owners many times since Dad's family moved away from Michigan.

Juan was happy to be included, NOT!

This was taken at the hotel near Dad's house. Good picture, huh!

Front steps.
Side yard.

There was a park near the house so we spent the morning letting the kids blow off some steam. We had been in the car at least 8 hours the prior day and didn't check into the hotel until 1:00 a.m. Juan was well rested as he had slept in the car for quite some time before stopping for the night. So he kept me and Chino up most of that night and I am sure he also kept up many other hotel guests.