Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guess who's come out of the closet, I mean cage.

Sarin has moved into the big cage with his cell-e's Henry and George.
The trio are still trying to figure out the "pecking" order.

But Sarin is feeling more and more at home.

Juan with Baby and Cuddy.


Mom's room is the best in the house.

Gabby using her head.

Our little bird Sarin has been in a cage for two years or more living with little old ladies. He came to live with us 6 or more months ago. But he would not come out of his cage. He became more talerent of my hand in his cage refilling food and water but would not come to me. Yesterday I needed to take George & Henry to have their wings trimmed. So I asked Chino to help me box up Sarin and take him along for a trimming also. He was timid but did not bite the bird store owner. With clipped wings he could not fly away. Me and Gabby starting handling him right after the clipping. He still tries to get away when I try to get him but once he is caught he sits on the finger and even whistles. He is now living in the big cage with the other two birds. One big happy birdie family. I do love my boys.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brunswick Party

We went to Jonathan's birthday party today at Brunswick bowling alley. Well, most of us went. Audi entered into a rage and was unable to attend. She pulled all the books off the book shelf and threw things around the room. Chino came to get her. I thought he was going to stay home with her so she could miss the party and that be the consequence of her actions, BUT instead he took her to Dave & Busters for some fun and games and a nice lunch. Then he took her with him to Sam's to pick up a few grocery's. There he bought her a toy. I asked him why he did not get something for the other children and he said because they got to go to the party. So I told him he rewarded Audi for her behavior. What doesn't he get?

Anyway, the party was fun. It was so cute to see the 3 & 4 year olds bowl. Juan had no problem carrying the ball. He is so strong. And the little tiny bowling shoes were adorable. When Jonathan was opening his presents Juan asked where his present were. I told him it wasn't his birthday. He got a little upset when he could not have any cake but he got over it quickly. We had a real good time.

I had my camera and extra batteries but my camera was minus the memory card. I had taken it out the day before to upload Gabby's gymnastics pictures and forgot to put it back into my camera. BUMMER! I hope to get some pictures from other sources.

Very little to report

Here Audi is modeling her new hat, scarf and mittens made by yours truly. Isn't she cute!

This is Juan testing out his sisters roller skates. He may need a pair of his very own for his birthday.

Gabby is showing off her first medal earned at her latest gymnastics meet. 7th place on bars. She couldn't have been prouder if she had gotten first. Her next meet is in Kansas City, MO.

Since I don't have too many pictures of Josie I picked this nice embarrassing one of her on Christmas morning. I threw that night gown out. It is a little too small.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas morning

Audi could not have been happier. She got the Easy Bake Microwave and decorator pen that she wanted.

Josie got the boots she has been dieing for and roller skates.

Gabby got roller skates too and lots of Tinker Bell stuff.

Juan love it all. He got transformers and a space station and an ipod. You know, because every three year old wants and needs one.
Chino got all the kids their own ipods. Now I have to figure out how to get the music onto them. Any advice?

Christmas Eve

Christmas could not have come at a worse time this year. I wanted to skip it altogether but couldn't because of the four little people in my care. Most of these pictures were taken by Gabby. I took the camera back after my lense cover got broke. Maybe I will be in better spirits next year.

Lunch with Santa

Wouldn't you think these kids would be happier and well behaved in the presence of Santa? Not my brood. Josie was mad because there was no free book like last year. Gabby was mad because the mac-n-cheese was white and not yellow and that the chicken was in ring instead of nuggets. She did not eat. Juan had his share of fits. He wanted to try the mac-n-cheese and I wouldn't let him because of the milk it contained. He had decided that he was no longer allergic to milk that day. Audi had her typical melt downs and I felt like the world's worst parent. We may not attend next year.

I figure a ballon sword is better than the real thing.

Josie's Big Day

Josie received a Character Award for being a good student and friend in class. She is pictured here with two of her good friends Alexis and Herminie. Then her class and Gabby's class did some singing and dancing. Poor Audi got upset because she did not get to perform, maybe next time.

Branson for Thanksgiving

We saw many things around town in Branson. This road side stop had a nice view and a resident cat.

We stopped at the damn and found a scoop for Juan to play with.

We went outlet shopping.

We visited museums also. Me and Josie went to the Titanic Museum and then all of us went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.

It was a fun trip looking back. But if you had asked me during the trip I would have told you we should have stayed at home. Juan and Audi had constent fits. Josie and Gabby complained about evey place we went. They wanted to spend the entire trip at the pool. I was ready to leave them all behind and walk home! Complaining and fighting were driving me CRAZY! And I don't have that far to go.

Why did they take the spell check off my Blogger? Please ignore any misspellings as I majored in math not english. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hotel Pool

The girls favorite part of the trip was the hotel pool. They wanted to rush back every day so they could go swimming. You won't see any pictures of me in my suit so don't get your hopes up.