Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Word from Juan

They call me Spike, but I don't know why.

This is my favorite truck. It looks like my Papi's big truck. I love to ride in Papi's truck!

I dressed myself! Didn't I do a good job?

I don't like to take naps on the weekends so I sleep wherever I am when I need to.

I recently figured out how to climb out of my crib. So Mamma has been putting me to bed in my "big boy" bed. But I don't stay in it. I like to sleep on the floor by my door so when I rock in the night against the door I can make a lot of noise. Mamma is not real happy about that. I am not sure why.

How the family has changed!

Things have changed a lot since I started posting this blog. The girls are almost done with Kindergarten. Juan has his second birthday next week. I started a job outside the home. And Chino is spending more time with the kids.

Josie, Gabby, Audi, and Juan I can never get a good picture of all four kids together.

Audi is doing great. She is popular at school and very smart. She causes some trouble in the classroom and we are working on that. Audi is an artist and a whiz at the computer. She want to be like "Mom". She loves her baby dolls and tea party is her favorite thing.
Josie is still very boy crazy. She has liked the same boy since preschool. She is outgoing and makes friends easily. She is a good eater and is growing out of all her clothes. Josie loves High School Musical and Hannah Montana. She is always singing or listening to music.
Gabby is still wearing dresses. Only dresses. I can't believe she has been doing it for so long. She is still very athletic and brave when trying new things. She enjoys school and has brought home "green lights" every day. She behaves better at school than home!
Juan or J.T. has changed the most. He is finally starting to talk! It is so exciting to hear him say words. His vocabulary is really taking off. He tries new words he hears and wants to know what things are called. Juan is going through his naked stage. The kid won't keep his clothes on. I have been putting his diapers on backwards to keep vital parts covered. I am glad the weather is getting warmer. I don't want the kid to freeze.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to School

I have been working about a month. I am not crazy yet! I enjoy working. I didn't know that I would. Juan is doing great in daycare. He said two new words today. (Pa Pa and bubble) The girls went back to school today after their two week Cycle Break. It won't be long before they are First graders. Chino has been spending more time at home. He has been taking care of the girls during Cycle Break. He spent a fortune. I think the girls had a new toy every day. One day they had giant stuffed animals and another they had Webkins. They ate out constantly and got to go to the park and Planet Fun. It might have been cheaper to put them in daycare. I have to go do laundry now or I will be going to work naked tomorrow.

Gabby acting silly.

Audi as a rainbow fairy.

Josie as a mermaid.

Juan wants juice.

Audi posing with her friend.


I can't believe it snowed on Easter! I had gloves on as I hunted for eggs. It was freezing. We did not stay outside long. We didn't even find all the eggs. We got cold and went inside. We celebrated Easter at my Aunt Cathy's house. It is a huge family gathering. We feasted and stuffed ourselves on dessert. The kids ate nothing but candy it seems. Good things these holidays are few and far between.

Juan hunting eggs.

Great-Grammy with Trish's newest, Baby E.

Juan and his favorite Easter things, candy and a hot wheels Silverado. He did not put the truck down all day. Then he slept with it that night. It looks just like Papi's truck.

Chino and Juan

Gabby counting her eggs.

Josie in her new High School Musical jacket and Audi, both counting eggs.

Josie, Audi, and Gabby We found lots of eggs! With money! And Candy! What an Easter!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cycle Break

The kids are on Cycle Break and lucky Chino is home watching them. At first he let them destroy the house and took off like the wind the minute I walked in the door from work. I told him it could NOT continue. It is getting better. Chino has finally figured out that you don't get to nap with three kids at home. He should have tried it with the fourth hanging around. I turned my back for a second Friday night and Juan painted his hand, face, other hand, and stereo speaker with orange finger nail polish. Why was there an open bottle of finger nail polish in Juan's reach? Good question. Ask Chino! The girls did their nails and played with play doh unsupervised on Friday. The two things I watch like a hawk. I found little bits of play doh all over the house and found several little bottles of nail polish through out the house. I must have missed one. The little orange one!
I don't know what Audi is doing. She may be posing or she may plan to throw the brick, possibly at some body.

Josie is doing some kind of dance. I hope it is not a rain dance! I love this great weather.

Gabby was digging up worms. They wanted to keep them for pets. These kids are desperate for a pet.
Here is my future Hell's Angel. And Trouble is definitely his middle name!

I can't believe Juan is holding on to a big boy swing so well. He loves it. Hard to believe the boy isn't even two.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Everyday Life

Nothing special going on right now. I just thought these were cute pictures. I have completed a second week at work. It is actually easier to work than to be home all day with four children. Imagine that! I do, however, spend my entire Saturday picking up a weeks worth of crap. And doing laundry that stacks up to my waist. Friday when I got home and seemed to notice the messy house for the first time I just couldn't do it. I had to sit down and knit. Do something for myself. So Saturday I got up and started cleaning. Well, not really cleaning, more like picking up. I guess that will be my new Saturday routine. What a thing to look forward to after a long hard week at work.

This would only be abuse if "I" shut them in a cabinet. Them shutting themselves in does not count. Audi and Juan

My future Jane Fondas. Josie, Gabby and Audi

These two are best buddies. They have been attached at the hip since birth. Gabby and Josie