Monday, May 19, 2008

Another day in paradise.

This is Juan playing with the hamper. He drug it all over the house (after emptying it) and crawled in and out of it. Sometimes he put toys and blankets inside. This entertained him for hours. Once the lid would no longer stay on from being broken, he gave it up. Now he gets in a low cabinet under my counter in the kitchen. I came into the kitchen and found all my stuff on the kitchen floor. My blender, boxes of Ziploc bags, my coffee maker, you get the picture, then I saw the door move and looked inside. I found Juan with his blanket and pound puppy. I rearranged the cabinet so there would be room for my stuff and him and his stuff. What can I say, I have strange kids!

Juan inside the laundry hamper.

This is Josie. I don't know why she is modeling a pencil. I try not to ask stupid questions because I am afraid of the answer.

Here Gabby is modeling one of the headbands I knit. It looks a little funny, but it keeps the hair out of her eyes.

This is Audi modeling one of the headbands. She liked it until she stretched it between her feet and it would no longer fit her head. It's okay because it only took me a couple hours to make.

Good News/Bad News

Well, I thought the frogs were D. E. A. D., so I ignored them for about a week. I went to clean out the habitat tonight and found a live frog. Surprise! Poor guy is probably traumatized from floating around with his dead buddies. So I cleaned his habitat (of dead frogs and dirty water) and gave him some blood worms. He seems okay. The girls want to buy him new friends. So next time we go to Walmart I guess we will buy a new Theodore and Alvin. Hopefully I won't kill them too.

Hey, I just thought of something and wanted your opinion. Please leave a comment.

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to work. There were two DJ's talking about offensive T-shirts. One DJ said he got in trouble in high school for wearing a T-shirt that said

" Kill them all and let God sort them out". He asked the other DJ if she found that offensive. She said she could see how some would find it offensive because it mentions God.

I was shocked. I hope you guys are shocked for the same reason as me. I found the word "kill" much more offensive than the word "God". What a world we live in, huh!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's eliminate Mother's Day

They don't look vicious, but looks can be deceiving.

I propose that Mother's Day be abolished. Me and Joy were talking and decided that Mother's Day would not be any worse than any other day if we weren't expecting it to be different, better. Joy's husband went out a half hour before stores closed on Saturday night and got her a $50 gift certificate. Joy was disappointed because so little thought was put into her gift. He claims he was busy because he had to travel one day this week. He was off the plane at 8:30 p.m. Friday and went out to party with friends 'til 1:30 am. He is off every Tuesday. So I can see why he could not find any time to shop for a thoughtful gift.

My husband works on Mother's Day. You see, other people take their mothers out to eat on Mother's Day. So he has to work. He did come home for an hour or two and bring me some food. Then he took a nap before returning to work. I was home with the four unruly children all day. I stayed in my room most of the day knitting. I have payed heavily for that time. Every time I left my room I had some major disaster to clean up. Juan managed to spill bubbles, soda, and water on the floor. He also ground cookie into the kitchen floor and tore up tortilla in the living room. The girls made their share of messes also. Papers all over the living room. Snack wrappers on the floor. Syrup on the table. Juan smeared syrup all over his face and into his hair while I loaded the dish washer. The scariest part of the entire day is that this was not my worst Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day I was left home alone with three three week old babies and could barely get up and down from a painful C-section. So, I think I will skip Mother's Day next year.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Josie is an author.

This book pretty much explains itself through pictures and does not require any words. Every time I look at this I want to cry. Josie is so happy to have a "pet". Isn't this the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

Welcome to the Family!

The girl's wanted a pet. And since they are allergic to anything with hair we had to find a hairless pet. We started with an ant farm. That was fun to watch for a while but as they have all died rather quickly, they did not really ketch on as "pets". So we started discussing other "pets" and ended up with frogs. We got some little, and I mean little, African dwarf frogs. We had to have three because there are three girls and Juan is too little to complain. They are named Alvin, Simon, and Theadore (or possibly Theadora). They have been living with us for almost three days and have not died yet. I have been assured by Walmart that if they die within 30 days I can return the little dead body for an exchange or refund. Don't you wish all death was that easy. Above is a picture of their "habitat". Below is Simon and Alvin. Theadora is on land hiding from the boys.
The grossest thing about these frogs is that they eat dried blood worms. Well, I haven't seen them eat anything yet. I am preparing stale, dechlorinated water for them and a temporary Tupperware home to stay in while cleaning the "habitat". This will, of course, require me to ketch the frog and transfer them back and forth between habitat and Tupperware AND Tupperware and habitat. I don't mind touching them, but I am a little scared that I might squish one or lose one from my grip. If a frog got loose in the house I don't think we would ever find it again. The girls keep asking when they can take them out and play with them. Audi keeps opening the door to check on them. I don't foresee these frogs having any golden years.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Birthday Party!

We had our 6th birthday party at The Little Gym. We invited cousins and several friends from school. We had fun playing on the equipment, playing games, eating cake and opening presents.

Make a wish and blow out the candles.
Juan enjoyed his cake.
We got lots of presents!
Here is a group picture.
Even Juan had a guest at the party. This is Juan with his cousin Jonathan.