Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Guts

Juan digging out pumpkin guts.

Audi took forever to get the insides out of this little bitty pumpkin. She did not want to touch it.

Gabby was not thrilled about touching pumpkin guts either.

Josie, on the other hand, did not seem to mind digging out the insides.

I am glad it was a nice day. The garage was a much better place for this job than my kitchen. I hosed down the floor and clean-up was finished. I got the job of cutting out the faces the kids drew. I cut my finger, OUCH!

Here are the finished Jack-O-Lanterns. Very scary!


Josie the Cheerleader

Here is Josie in her Halloween costume. I wish she would smile.

Look how cute she is sleeping!

A new hair style for Gabby

She is even cute in rollers.

She is so beautiful. This is her Halloween costume. I don't know what to do about it dragging the ground. I guess she will have to hold it up all night. She did not like sleeping in rollers. She said she didn't sleep well. But she looks really cute with curly hair.

Audi's wears many hats!

Actually she is wearing one hat many different ways. She is so creative!

This way is my favorite. This is the kind of stuff my kids do for fun.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And now you are up to date

After our fun time at the pumpkin patch (see below), Chino took the kids home and I went to Creve Coeur Camera. I told them of my problems downloading the pictures from my camera and they had the solution, as I knew they would. I had to buy some little device that you put the memory card into and plug it directly into the computer. It worked! I had a heck of a time finding where the computer hid my newly downloaded pictures, but as you can see, I found them. And aren't you glad! We spent the evening roasting hot dogs and marsh mellows. Fun huh! Juan played happily in the dark yard. Well, it is hardly dark since Chino had that light installed. It floods the entire yard. I really think our neighbors must hate us.
Isn't she cute?! This is Audi by the way.
Chino had been raking leaves and filled some large garbage bags with them. Josie and Juan enjoyed rolling the large bags around the yard. I don't know why but I do know they are lucky the bag did not break!

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the Boschert family farm/corn maze and had a great time. We played in the pool of corn, fed the animals, played in the pool of corn, took a hayride, played in pool of corn, and picked our own pumpkins from the field. We did everything except the maze. Last year we did so poorly at it that I did not want to even attempt it again this year. And besides, the kids could have spent the entire time in the pool of corn. We had to drag them away to do anything else! Gabby loves animals. The pigs seemed to be her favorite. There was also cows, goats and sheep.

This is Audi and Josie on the hayride. We all enjoyed it.

They had all these pumpkins picked and ready for sale. But what fun is that?

We went into the field and found our own. Juan could not decide.

At the Zoo

The only way we will be welcome back at the zoo is on display!

We went to the zoo earlier this month. This picture kinda sums up the day. Josie was bored. You know, because there is so little to see and do at the zoo. Audi was out of control. As usual. And Gabby was being difficult, very difficult.

Juan tried to ignore the chaos around him. He did pretty good that day, but he also had his moments. You know one kid having moments is one thing, but FOUR kids having moments takes up the entire day. All and all the day really sucked.

Gabby has been really helpful with Juan lately. The popsicle was too cold for Juan to hold. So Gabby did it for him. She has been buckling him into his car seat and is pretty much at his beck and call. I feel sorry for his future wife.

Mom and Brydie were brave enough to go with us to the zoo. I don't think they will make that mistake twice! Come to think of it, I haven't seen them since. Hummm...

I read somewhere that Hippos don't swim. This Hippo was definitely swimming. It was so cool to watch. Juan was right by the glass at one point and this Hippo suddenly appeared and scared the s*** out of him.

A couple things I made.

I made this baby blanket for China. She is expecting a son some time in November. This is my first blanket. I think it turned out pretty good.

Since I had the blanket to give the new baby, I made this little poncho for Elvira. I have made one for Josie and Gabby also. Audi wants a blanket and I just don't have the will for another yet.

I have been knitting also. I have really only done wash clothes and dish towels. I want to give wash clothes to the kids teachers for Christmas. I hope they like them.