Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

Ahhh, the sound of ripping paper. Santa made his annual delivery and the kids were excited. They didn't get everything they wanted, they were fast to point out, but who can meet that kind of demand. We had our usual Christmas breakfast "candy". And then I started preparing dishes for coming guest while the kids fought over presents and Chino opened boxes and assembled toys. All and all it was a perfect morning.

Juan learned quick how to open his presents.

Audi is an old pro at opening hers.

Josie opens her presents neatly.

Gabby does it like a band-aid, quick and painless.

Gabby, Audi, and Josie

Juan got lots of trucks this year.

Juan playing with stocking stuffer's.

Gabby, Josie, and Audi emptying their stockings.

Juan enjoying a ride on his new zebra. A gift from Grammy & Pa Pa. He got his zebra on Saturday and he watched my dad assemble it using tools. So Sunday morning Juan got up and went straight to his zebra. He bounced for a minute or two then went to where he knows I hide my tool box from Chino. He reached in for a screw driver and took it to his zebra where he poked it a few times. Then he got back on the zebra for another ride. It is good to have someone "handy" around the house.

Christmas Evening

We had a little get together at our house on Christmas afternoon/evening. I didn't think to get out the camera when my parents and Aunt Gail & Uncle Kenny were there, but I did get a few shots of other guests.

"The Men"

China helping Elvira unwrap gifts.

Josie and Gabby with gifts from Tia China.

Audi spreading toys all over the floor.

Elvira eating dinner.

Juan is sitting and spinning!

Juan wanted to wear his new jacket and shoes from Tia China.

Then he changed his mind.

Elvira before Juan pushed her off the piano bench.

Gabby, Josie, Juan, and Audi (Juan does not seem happy with Audi's kisses)

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family. We went to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen's house. They have a beautiful house with lovely Christmas decorations. Everyone brought food so we had quite the feast! And treats galore!

Uncle Don after the feast (and a few beers).

Mom & Dad (Chrissy & Tom)

Mom, Juan & Chino

Mom, Cathy, Grandma, and Mike

Mike & Karen

Don, Cathy, & Dawn

Me, Brydie, Mom, & Dad

Gabby, Josie, Olivia, Audi, & Emilee

Juan the pianist.

Chino and Juan as Harry Potter.

Chino, Audi, Me, Juan, Gabby & Josie

Bryan, Mike, Amber, Angelique, Travis & Emilee

Friday, December 21, 2007

He can be sooo sweet

Gabby fell asleep in the chair and Juan crawled in to hug her.

This is my bottle see, and you can't have it. I will never give it up!

Juan is giving the "ni-night" sign. He tells me good night every time I put him to bed.

Elton Juan

Going to the Dentist

This is our second visit to the dentist. We went right after the girls turned five also. Everyone did great for the cleaning and check-up. Josie has a small cavity between her two front teeth. We have to brush good and floss good between those teeth. If we can keep the cavity small it will not need filled.

Audi is ready for her cleaning.

Josie is ready for her cleaning.

Gabby is ready for her cleaning.

All done! We got tooth brushes, balloons and stickers. They can't wait 'til next time.

Let It Snow!

We took full advantage of the snow fall. The girls built snowmen, and we got out the bikes. Everyone rode, even me. It was fun, but my face was numb for hours after coming inside.

Gabby and Josie with their snowman.

Audi putting the finishing touches on her snowman.

Gabby, Audi and Josie

Josie and Audi

Papi and Juan

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Putting on the Green

Audi, Josie, Gabby and Juan

Audi, Gabby and Josie acting silly instead of posing for pictures.

Kindergarten Choir

Aren't they adorable!?

The choir performance was wonderful. All the kids did a great job. After the groups finished singing a narrator read the Nativity Story while some children acted out the scene. It was beautiful. I plan to buy the DVD from church.

I almost missed the performance. Juan was in the nursery and cried until he threw up. They came and got me to calm him down and make sure he wasn't sick. They were nice enough to keep him, even after throwing up, and his favorite teacher, Mr. Brian, realized Juan was there and took him into his classroom instead. All was well.


On Thanksgiving we went to my parents house. The kids had a great time playing in the loft. Juan did great on the steps, considering he's never been on steps before. The mean WooWoo kept escaping from Mom and Dad's bedroom. He is a demon dog that can not be around people. The kids are scared to death of him.

We had a wonderful meal and two out of four of my kids actually ate. I had to heat breakfast sausage for Juan later in the evening because he wouldn't or couldn't eat anything being served.

Juan climbing the steps.

Gabby and Josie were "working off" their dinner.

Cathy, Karen, Mom (Chrissy), and Grandma

Audi, Gabby, Olivia and Josie