Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is dedicated to my impatient cousin Lisa.

Gabby December 2006
Audi December 2006
Josie December 2006
Juan December 2006

We were at the park on this mild December day. Juan was only nine months old. I kinda miss being able to just head for the park in the middle of the day. I remember I tried to take the kids to parks any time the weather was nice, because I never knew when the next nice day would be.

Gabby having breakfast.
Josie posing and out of focus.
Audi with a fake smile.
Juan trying to get the camera.
Girls on swings.

These pictures were taken March 2007. Juan was almost one year and the girls were in preschool. They have changed a lot since then. My babies are growing up!

Well, my computer is fixed. Sorta. My camera will not download new pictures for some reason. So I am posting some old pictures so Lisa will get off my back.

The girls are currently on cycle break. Lucky Chino has been caring for them. So the house is a mess and the kids are eating nothing but crap. But quality time is involved so it is okay.

We are getting ready for Halloween. Juan is to be Scooby-Doo, Josie wants to be Hannah Montana, Gabby Miley Sirus and Audi a butterfly rainbow princess. (I hope we can find a costume for that) Do you remember when we created our costumes from things already around the house? It was easy to be a hobo or a baby. I remember few store bought costumes. My kids think I am crazy to even suggest such a thing. I am going to challenge them to come up with a self creation that involves few purchases. They will probably laugh me out of town. I have a few ideas but I am not sure they will go for them. We also get to dress-up for school this year, as long as it is a book character. I do believe Hannah Montana has a book or two.

I will try not to be away so long. Enjoy the historic pictures.