Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Victory Games

Josie was so proud of herself for getting a medal at the Victory Games. She also got two ribbons. On the way home she asked me if she had to share her medal with her sisters, I told her that she earned the medal and it was all hers.

This is a perfect beautiful handstand. Josie is doing very well.
Poor Gabby was so jealous of Josie's medal. Her class did not participate in the Victory Games because she is on a team. The only problem is her class is pre-competition and she will not compete until she advances higher.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Nite Fun

We have a general rule on Friday night, "We leave McDonald's when someone throws up". We go to McDonald's almost every Friday night. Joy and I knit while the children play. We can spend hours up there. But sometimes we only spend minutes. One of my children is bound to throw up while there. We spent a long time there and things were looking good. Gabby had a little trouble early on but got past it. So I decided to indulge in a cherry pie. I gave Jonathan a bite and then Juan. Juan immediately threw up, a lot. Time to go!

But the fun continued at home. Gabby and Josie were posing in their matching leotards. Juan wanted in on the act.

Here is a rare sight. A picture of me. I am always the one behind the camera. On this night my sister took this picture because I have NO pictures of my children and me together.

The Strong Willed Child(s)

This little guy looks very sweet, and he can be. BUT not on Friday at daycare. Chino dropped him off that day, and that doesn't usually go as smoothly as when I drop him off. You see, when he leaves the house with Papi he could be going somewhere good or he could be going to school. He never knows until he gets there. So on this morning he went to school. Juan was not happy. He was difficult for the teachers so the director had to step in. He didn't want a diaper change, but he needed one. So Ms. Judy got him changed. Then had to take him to her office because he was having such a fit. While in her office he decided to test the waters. Juan removed his shoes, pants AND diaper. Out of options a call was made to Mom. Ms. Judy put Juan on the phone with me. I told him that he loved his teacher Ms. Kasey and he should go play with her and that I would be there in a little bit to pick him up and take him to McDonald's for dinner. Then I said, "We've talked about this, you know that you are suppose to keep your "doodle" covered. Now go put your diaper on". He immediately went to get his diaper and allowed Ms. Judy to put it on him. He was fine the rest of the day. When I picked him up he reminded me that there would be McDonald's for dinner. I thought my strong words of encouragement made him behave, NOT it was the strong pull of chicken nuggets and a play land.
And then there is Audi. She is pretty cute and can be VERY sweet. But she did not have a good week at school. We all remember that last week Audi received a yellow slip from the principal for the "mooning" incident. Well this week she got two, count them ONE TWO yellow slips from the principal. Apparently she got upset at a little girl at school and threatened her in the bathroom. She received the first yellow slip. As punishment she had to spend half of Friday with her special education teacher instead of being in her classroom. This is an inschool suspension. Audi did not show up to school in a good mood. She was upset so she started throwing things, little blocks (at the teacher), crayons (at the teacher), a chair (at the teacher) and a desk (again, at the teacher). Then she threatened the teacher. She then received her second yellow slip. Needless to say, she will not return to her classroom on Monday. She will stay in inschool suspension until she is behaved enough to return to class with other students.
At home she is grounded. She did not get to go to McDonald's for dinner, she can't use the computer or watch TV. None of this will help but what else can I do?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gymnast Josie

Here are a few shots from Josie's gymnastics class. She is improving well. She almost has her cartwheel and is working really hard on her hand stand. This weekend she will be in her first practice meet. They will do a short routine and get ribbons and medals for participation.

Josie looks forward to class every week. Tonight she asked me if I would be proud of her even if she does not win a medal on Sunday. I was a little surprised at the comment but I told her "of course, I am always proud of you".

Monday, February 16, 2009

The little gymnast

Gabby is doing well in gymnastics.




Gabby was able to do this flip on her own that day and got to "ring the bell". Every time a bell rings a gymnast learns a skill. The previous week Gabby got to ring the bell for doing a back bend, from a standing position. I was so shocked and proud that I cried. I'm a little emotional.

The Pimple...and much more.

See the little tiny spot on Gabby's forehead? That is her first pimple. I'm so proud. When I took the pictures Gabby said "you're not going to put that on the web, are you?".

Gabby and Audi were in the First Grade Musical and they did a great job. I was a little worried because the day before the big night while practicing on the stage in the gym, Audi decided to "moon" a classmate because she thought it would be funny. She went to the principal and was written up. Needless to say we were all a little concerned with what may happen on the night of the performance. At some point during the show my mother said in a worried voice, "where's Audi" then I heard a scream as I searched the stage for her with my eyes. I ran to the front of the gym followed by the principal. We discovered that the scream was not from Audi but from a young child in the audience. We found Audi's teacher walking down the hall with her. Apparently she needed to use the bathroom and could not wait until after the show concluded. After the show we went to DQ for ice cream and ran into Audi's best friend Davian and a couple other students.

Here the children are pretending to be dogs. Juan is howling.

He couldn't be cuter if he tried!

We spotted this hawk in our tree the other day. It flew away when the kids came running. I think he came to visit Mr. Nibbles.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I forgot to mention....

Today I had Chino bring Audi to me at my work so I could take her to a doctor appointment. I told Audi and Josie that they could get ready for gymnastics when they got home from school because I knew my time would be limited when I got done with the appointment and then raced home for 6:00 gymnastics. So hubby brings Audi to me dressed in her leotard and pants, no problem. She had no coat and was wearing flip flops, problem. Josie was only wearing her leotard with no clothes over it and also was without a coat. WHAT THE HELL! It was a little warmer today, around 40 degrees, but it is not exactly swim suit weather!

I called him to complain about his lack of observation and I got a lecture on how hard it is to get out the door with four children. Gee, I have no idea what that is like. What is missing in a man's brain? Are they stupid or lazy or just concerned about themselves? He managed to have a coat and proper shoes on himself. I don't GET it!

Comments ladies?

Random pictures

I went back to my old storage files and pulled out some random pictures. We have been up to a lot lately but I have been too busy to think of bringing a camera. I am expecting a friend to email some soon from a girl scout event, but until them, enjoy these old pics.
Gabby, Audi, Josie
Chino and Juan
I started the girls in gymnastics. We went for a trial class last Thursday and Audi complained the entire time and ended up leaving the class, Josie loved it and Gabby was tested immediately after the class to be moved into an advanced class. Well, advanced for her age group. Gabby was put in a pre-competition class that meets twice a week. I am so proud. Josie and Audi went back tonight for their second class and Audi again complained and left class, so I did not sign her up but Josie still loves it. Audi tried a ballet class on Monday but she found tap to be "weird" and she did not like the idea of all the kids in her class having the same costume for recital. She felt hers should be different and definitely pink, not purple. So we won't be doing that one either.
Next week Audi and Gabby are in the First Grade Musical (not to be confused with High School Musical). I can't wait to see them sing! Josie will have to sit with me in the audience and complain about how bored she is. Her class did not participate in this one but will probably do something later this year (I assume).
That's a quick update. I'll be back soon.