Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hospital Visit

Gabby had some Asthma troubles Halloween night and landed in the hospital. We were there Sunday 4am through Tuesday morning. We were sure glad to go home.

Brydie brought Josie and Audi and Juan up to visit and bring Gabby some things to play with while sitting in bed.

This is Juan with slinky mid-air standing on my bed. It pulls out to be twin size. It was pretty comfortable.

I went back to work on Wednesday but then left half day on Thursday because Audi had Swine Flu. She is doing fine now and nobody else got it. The kids all had the shot so Audi didn't get it very bad but I still used up most of my vacation and personal days caring for sick kids. I am very surprised that I didn't get the flu since Audi slept in my bed with me and I was her care giver.
I also missed my Girl Scout Leader camp-out. That is $70 down the drain. What can you do when your kids are sick!?

Cold Stone Creamery

We took our Girl Scout troop to Cold Stone Creamery. We toured the back room and saw the freezers then we got to mix our own icecream on the frozen stone. Everyone had a good time. Audi got upset that I wouldn't let her go up for a million samples. She doesn't get that with 16 little girls there she can't do stuff like that without all the others wanting it also.

Another Meet - Columbia, MO

We had our first sanctioned meet. Columbia, MO Gabby did not do so well. She got her normal placing but was upset because she did not get called up to receive her awards. It really did not make sense. There were about 76 gymnast and around 60 got called up. If you are going to do 60 why not 76? I don't get it. I could see if they did the top 5 of each group, but the top 20? It is just stupid not to include everyone at that point.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is a strange sight.

This is an amazing sight. Audi and Gabby this close together and no blood shed.

Gabby received and award at school for thoughtfulness and kindness. I asked the teacher if she was sure she had the correct student.

Gabby, Audi, Cassie, Eliza, Josie and Kierstyn with crazy hair and silly faces.

Juan at the pumpkin patch.

Three little Brownies. It only took me three hours to iron on all those patches.

Girl Scout Troop at Rombach Farm (and Juan)

Shelbie, Josie and Audi picking a pumpkin.

Bat Girl and Wonder Runt

Meet #2

Gabby's second meet won her four more ribbons! Her team cam in fourth. They did a great job.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Meet

Gabby didn't win the trophy but she did get four ribbons. She did a great job at her first competition ever. Our next meet is in November in Columbia, MO. I can't wait!

The girls listen to a pep talk from the coach.

The team practices their beam routine before the judging starts.

Gabby is in deep concentration.
Gabby's best score was on the Vault 8.2. She received a 7.8 on floor routine and bars and a 7.65 on beam, she didn't fall off! I am so proud of her. She puts in a lot of hard work practicing three days a week at three hours a day. Congratulations Gabby, keep up the good work. I love you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Sarin

This is our new addition, Sarin, as in serendipity. Don't ask me why all our birds look alike. Isn't he handsome?! He will not let us hold him yet but he has stopped hissing at me every time I put my hand in his cage. The day we brought him home I, stupidly, thought it would be a good idea to get him out of the cage. He flew up to the ceiling and found places to perch on top of framed pictured, the curtain rod and on top of the other birds cage. It took me and Brydie 20 minutes to capture him and get him back into his cage.

This is Sarin's cage. Henry and George like their new bird friend. George especially wants to spend all his time atop Sarin's cage. The girls say that they are in love. Let's hope not.

The true identity of Batman has been revealed. All this time I had no idea he lived right here under my own roof. IT'S JUAN! Who knew?

My father invited Juan over to help him out. Do you think any child labor laws were broken?

Our girl scout troop went to tour Sam's Bakery. We saw very big ovens and a walk-in freezer. Then we got to decorate a cookie and eat it. That was the best part.

Here Audi is decorating her cookie.

The girls got two new sets of bunk beds. My dad put them together, Juan helped. Poor Dad, I always got him working. He not only put these beds together but also put up new lights in the kids bedrooms and my bathroom. I had to put up new lights for the kids because I was afraid one might loose their head climbing into the top bunk! Juan got new bunk beds also, not that he sleeps in his room.

Well, this is what happens when you are an only boy living with three big sisters. You are dressed in drag against your will. They also put make-up on him. I said "no" to the finger nail polish!
There is an update on my life. It is pretty busy. I have been really busy with Girl Scout stuff, I am co-leader this year. Me and the leader both have really busy lives so I hope together we can manage the troop and have some fun with the girls.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Fun

We went to Great Skate on Sunday and even Juan got in on the action. He skated great. Most of the time he was in the middle of the rink alone. He did better without a hand to hold.

He also enjoyed pretending to drive.

Gabby did great skating also.

Juan got a lot of attention from people amazed at his skating ability and cuteness.

Audi did not skate. And that is fine by me. She would pull my back out if she fell holding my hand.

We sang at church Sunday morning. Can you see the excitement on our little faces? I was totally embarrassed. We ended up leaving early because all the kids were complaining about one thing or another.

Juan and Gabby with George and Henry.

Juan with the birdie boys.