Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I took the kids to the carnival at Mid Rivers Mall over Labor Day weekend. This is Josie scared to death on the roller coaster. She rode it a couple times but was still kinda scared.

Audi did okay on this Dumbo ride until it went up in the air. Then she freaked!

Gabby, no surprise, was fearless. She rode the swings and called them lame. Then she rode them again.

This is me and Audi on the bumper cars. I had to ride those suckers three times because the girls were too short to reach the petals but all of them wanted to ride. I liked it but it hurt my back by the time I was done.

We all rode the spinning Strawberry. I took pictures while spinning. We had it spinning really fast. I thought I might get sick when I stepped out but I did not dare tell the girls.

Her is the brave one on another scary ride. This thing went high and Gabby's butt came right up off the seat. She loved every minute of it!

I thought this was a cool picture. That is Gabby's legs.

Finally a slow ride that all three enjoyed.

The fun house consisted of a maze of mirrors, four mirrors to distort your body and a slide at the end. The kids when two-three times. Not sure why.

Audi coming down the slide.