Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hospital Visit

Gabby had some Asthma troubles Halloween night and landed in the hospital. We were there Sunday 4am through Tuesday morning. We were sure glad to go home.

Brydie brought Josie and Audi and Juan up to visit and bring Gabby some things to play with while sitting in bed.

This is Juan with slinky mid-air standing on my bed. It pulls out to be twin size. It was pretty comfortable.

I went back to work on Wednesday but then left half day on Thursday because Audi had Swine Flu. She is doing fine now and nobody else got it. The kids all had the shot so Audi didn't get it very bad but I still used up most of my vacation and personal days caring for sick kids. I am very surprised that I didn't get the flu since Audi slept in my bed with me and I was her care giver.
I also missed my Girl Scout Leader camp-out. That is $70 down the drain. What can you do when your kids are sick!?

Cold Stone Creamery

We took our Girl Scout troop to Cold Stone Creamery. We toured the back room and saw the freezers then we got to mix our own icecream on the frozen stone. Everyone had a good time. Audi got upset that I wouldn't let her go up for a million samples. She doesn't get that with 16 little girls there she can't do stuff like that without all the others wanting it also.

Another Meet - Columbia, MO

We had our first sanctioned meet. Columbia, MO Gabby did not do so well. She got her normal placing but was upset because she did not get called up to receive her awards. It really did not make sense. There were about 76 gymnast and around 60 got called up. If you are going to do 60 why not 76? I don't get it. I could see if they did the top 5 of each group, but the top 20? It is just stupid not to include everyone at that point.